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What is the most important thing about meditation?


I am writing this post, as over the festive period I was within earshot of a conversation about meditation. Questions were being posed, What are the different kinds of meditation? What is the best kind of meditation? Is it best to meditation looking outside oneself for peace or is it best to meditate looking within yourself for peace?

Hence I wanted to share where I come from. First and foremost the most important thing regarding mediation is to sit and meditate daily, twice a day. This is the most important thing about meditation. More important that looking inwards or outwards, is to sit in meditation. The intention to sit and meditate twice a day is most important and then to actually sit, incorporating it into ones daily routine, so that it becomes like brushing your teeth or putting your socks on. You would not leave the house without brushing your teeth or putting shoes, so make meditation such a part of your day.

My belief is what we see around us is a reflection of what we see within us and that we can only see others and our environment as deeply as we see ourselves. So within so without, so without so within. So we can only meet the outside world as deeply as we meet our own inner world. Hence the only work that there is for us to do is to remove the barriers and the layers that we have created to stop seeing ourselves for the truth of who we are. So to meet ourselves as deeply as we can, so that we can meet the world around us and see the truth as deeply we see our own truth.

So in actual fact whether one starts by looking outside oneself for peace or within oneself for peace is ultimately the same thing. It matters not where you start but that you start, as mediation is one of many ways to start removing the layers and the barriers we have created.

So the most important thing regarding meditation, is not the kind of meditation you are doing or the guru you follow versus someone else or to get so hung up on this, as this is all attachment. Meditation is all about detachment, letting go of the layers, to ultimately see the Truth. So I say again, the most important thing to actually do is to sit, every day and meditate, that is the most important thing to do.

Thank you


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