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What can I do?

These thoughts have been going round and round in my head, so I decided to just write them down and share them with you. Please take from it what resonates and leave what does not.

To remove violence from society, we need to first and foremost look within ourselves.

We can only change ourselves, we can not change anyone else.

The Dalai Lama said, "If every 8year old in the world is taught to meditate we will eradicate violence within one generation." This is one of the things that inspired me to teach children to meditate, along with my own experiences.

As we evolve and grow, our vibration changes and therefore our point of attraction changes. As our vibration rises, we attract and manifest different and new experiences.

As we can only change ourselves, I feel we need to look within ourselves first, with some self enquiry. Below I have listed a few good places to start. By no means is this a complete list, it is just an invitation from me of a few good places to start.


How do I speak to myself?

How do I treat myself?

Am I self critical?

Am I a people pleaser, sacrificing myself for others?

Do I feel that I can’t share my thoughts and views.


How I treat my family, my friends, my work colleagues, my peers and my fellow human beings?

Do I judge people for their choices, their differences?

Do I make people wrong for not having the same beliefs as I do?

Do I abandon people for not doing what I want them to do?

Do I negate other peoples thoughts and opinions?

Do I neglect and ignore the needs of those who have a different way of life?

Do I disregard the wrongs being done to those I believe don’t directly impact my life?

Do I ignore injustices, so as to not rock the boat, so as not to feel uncomfortable, to try to maintain a status quo, the dynamic within a group I am part of?


What are my intentions?

Do I set intentions for my day?

For my meetings?

For my appointments?

For my gatherings?

For my conversations and communications?

Are my intentions to be inclusive?

Are my intentions to be fair?

Are my intentions to cause no harm to others through my words and actions?

Am I even conscious of any of this?

Is my intention to do no harm?

Is my intention to do what is in the best interest of all human beings?

Is my intention to be pro-choice in every way?

Is my intention to see that I am the same as everyone else once I go 3mm under the surface of my skin?

Is my intention to look at each person I meet and see their soul through their eyes, and not their skin colour, clothes, brands, piercing, make up, or tattoos, and make a judgement about them based on that?

What is your intention?

I personally feel that for those of us who really want equality and freedom for all all human beings on this planet, and to live in harmony with the Earth, we need to start to consider some or all of these questions.

I appreciate that it can all seem quite overwhelming.

So for those interested, what would be a good place to start, and good next step?

I invite you to see which one of the above questions sticks out to you, resonates with you, and meditate on the question or sit still quietly with the question, or take a walk on your own with the question, become present with it, and receive the response that comes, write it down, and then take that inspired action.

It maybe to bake a cake for a neighbour who is not well; to go for a walk with a friend who lives on their own and hasn’t seen anyone for 2 months; to offer help to those in your community who are unable to go shopping and do their shopping for them; to make a poster and stick it where all that pass your home/car can see it supporting unity; it maybe to become more self aware; it maybe to do more acts of kindness; to volunteer in your community for a cause that you are passionate about etc.

Accept that the actions will be different for different people. The most important thing is the intention with which you take the inspired action.

Do you take that action, with an intention to create peace, harmony and equality?

Do you take that action with the intention to be a voice for equality that is speaking out for those that can’t?

Do you take the action with an intention to spread love and joy to all mankind?

Do you meditate with an intention to understand what you can do to bring liberation?

Do you take the action with the intention to be supportive to those speaking out for human rights?

Do you take the action with the intention that everyone should have the choice to decide for themselves?

What is your intention when you take action?

I believe that holding the intention of what we want to create, and taking action in a way that is peaceful, will help us all to manifest the world that we want to live in.

My prayer every night (since March 2020) is asking for help to shift human beings to an optimal timeline in which we live in harmony with Mother Earth, and with all sentient beings with ease and grace.

May the peace be peaceful.

Be well,

Be safe,

Be peaceful,

Be joyous,

Be the Love that you are.

I love you.

Sending you all love and light, today and every day,


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