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Cheerleaders in your life!

Cheer leaders in your life! 

People don’t always like you. They are not always happy for you.  See who calls you when you are struggling to help you, support you and encourage you to keep going? Make sure these are the ones you celebrate your successes with.  See who celebrates your successes with you. And those who don’t. 

If you surround yourself with people who are not accustomed to your success, not accustomed to you being your best, not accustomed to you shining and being seen for the bright light that you are. These people will become fearful they become scared.  Because you are reflecting back to them something they don’t recognise, and this scares them. They will not say to you they are scared or fearful of you.  They will say who does she think she is? She thinks she is better than us. She is not interested in us. She is unhealthy for us. Etc. 

Remember this only happens only when you are are surrounded by people who don’t mean or want or aspire the best for you.  This may be hard to accept, but the sooner you do the better it will be for you. 

People who want the best for you, want you to be your best. They want you to do what is best for you for you to be your best.  

Surround yourself with people who will fill your cup, who encourage you to be your best, to do what is best for you, even if it is challenging of them. They are the people who really want the best for you. They are the people who want you to be your best. 

Encouraging someone to be authentically their best self is the loudest way to love them. 

with Love


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