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Gift of Acceptance

Sometimes accepting that you are the villain in someones story is the only way to finding peace in your heart and get closure from a situation or incident.

Accepting that they don’t want to resolve the situation, they just want to blame, they may not realise or want to acknowledge that their behaviour was hurtful.

As you accept you are able to be more discerning as to whether you share your energy with them or not.

Accepting that they are behaving how they are behaving. Their behaviour is a reflection of them and not of you. Those that choose to believe them, show you their true colours. This is time of great reveal of the truth on many levels, so watch and learn, everything has purpose.

You may not like what you are learning, and none the less you are being shown all this for your own growth and evolution.

It doesn’t matter what as right and what as wrong, who did what and who didn’t, at the end of the day if you want closure you know that you have to give it to yourself.

Stop waiting for them.

Stop holding a grudge, being resentful, feeling angry, sorry for yourself as it is only wearing you out.

Acceptance, does not negate what was done. It does not make it right. It doesn’t mean you have to welcome them into your life.

Acceptance give you your energy back. You are no longer waiting on them for anything. Waiting is an energy drain, as you are giving them your energy as you wait for them. Leave them be where they are.

Accept that you can’t change them. Stop waiting in the hope that they will realise how you feel. Give yourself the closure you have been waiting for by accepting that you may be a villain in their story. Then you can reclaim your energy, and move forwards in your life putting your energy into what you want to create and love.


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