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Things aren't as they seem.

Things aren't as they seem.

Remember, we don't see things as they are, we see things as we are.

If we are in a state of fear we have a very different perception of that going on around us, than actually is. Fear is a very low vibration. In a place of fear we feel constricted, tense, tight, not able to move or change or grow or heal, can't think of anything new, everything feels too much! Fear keeps us in a very stuck place.

In fear we tend to feel powerless but in actual fact most give their power way to whom they think can save them. The only person that cN save you is you. Keep your power and work on yourself to release the fears within.

There has been a lot of fear programming for the past two years, and much befire too, so much so that most nervous systems can't remember what it felt like before.

It is not normal to be in a state of fear for so long. It is unhealthy. It creates chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, suicide, chronic illness in the body's attempt to deal with the stress of prolonged fear. Those creating the fear know this, it is part of programming.

The only way out, is to switch off the programs all of then. To beginning to deprogram yourself, on your own or with help.

As you deprogram yourself the truth rises from the programming, and it can be painful, it an be shocking, it can be horrible and more, as one realises just how programmed one is.

It can be scary to see the programs and the affect they have had and are having. But just as easily as you can be programmed to be in a state of fear, you can also deprogram it and choose to program yourself with peaceful peace, harmony, love, abundance, health and unity.

If you are starting to see the programs, seen them and need help deprogramming and reprogram, get in touch, I am here to help.

Sending g love and courage to discern the truth in all areas of life,


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