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True colours shining bright

I often say to those that come to me, when someone shows you their true colours, say thank you.

Don't try to change them, or pretend you had a different experience, or justify what happened.

Just say thank you for being made aware.

Then decide if it is for you, or not, and then stay or move on.

I learnt this life lesson in not the easiest way. People I had been conditioned to believe would love and share with me didn't. I noticed them hiding things from me, that was unkind, I noticed they didn't care like I was conditioned to expecting them to. I would hear in my head what they said about women when I wasn't there. This was all painful. One day I received the guidance, don't justify their behaviour. Don't try to change or help them as they've told you they don't want your help or to change.

See their true colours shining bright, and choose if it is something you want in your life or not and act and make decisions accordingly. Their behaviour is their responsibility, How you deal with it is yours.

At this time much of this is coming up in relationships of all kinds as our energies ascend. Observe and choose wisely.

If I can be of help please get I touch.




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