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Hum,  Seaton beach, 8th April 2024.
💖 Worldwide Hum on Seaton beach.  💛💛 Come gather with your soul family together to take part in this amazing time in our history. 💗 Arrive between the On the Spot kiosk on the Promenade and the sea.💙 We can paddle, swim or take a dip before, and then ground ourselves on the pebbles with Mother Earth as we sun gaze at the sunset over Seaton and Beer💜 The Hum will begin at 19.17 for 4 mins 28.1 seconds.  We will start humming just before and continue to just after, so for about 5minutes in all.  We may sit in quiet meditation before the hum diuring the total solar eclipse.This will happen simultaneously in every country.  The vibration will carry into the aether, it will be  a truly amazing experience for us all.💙 Bring a flask of a lovely hot drink and we can have that together sharing our experience of the Hum to end the evening. 
With Love. Peaceful peace, Freedom and Joy 💗💜💙💛💫🙏 I have not been able to log on to the hum2024 website to share this even there as was my intention.  
Please note, that at this gathering we are each responsible for ourselves. What we each choose to do is no ones responsiblity but our own.  Joining implies acceptance of self responsibility. 
Back story: when I heard about the Hum on the 8th April at the time of the solar eclipse I thought I would be humming at home. My highest guidance had another plan that was conveyed to me through a dream. I saw myself humming on a beach in my dream. I could only see the sea and the horizon. I knew I needed to be on this spot humming on the 8th April. I asked where I was. I was told to turn around and as I did I recognised where I was. I was standing behind the Spot on Kiosk on Seaton Beach. I got the sense I would be with other people. The dream did not show me who I would be with, and I was just to put out that I would be their and whom ever wanted to join would be welcome. So I share the above post with various people and groups and am so looking forward to humming with all those that choose to join. 

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