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Intuitive Guidance

Providing Intuitive Guidance, empowering my clients to live their most authentic joyous life. 

Intuitive Guidance

Providing Intuitive Guidance, empowering people to live their most authentic joyous life. 

I do this by helping them to gain greater clarity of the situation they are looking to work on, that they feel stuck in, that they want to change, shift. This can be, and is not limited to, relationships, career, family, job, health to name few.

This is done by gaining clarity on what actually needs to be worked on to make the shift. I use my gift of insight to see where and what needs to be addressed to create the shift. 

My intention is to empower people with

skills, tools and insights to feel confident and to enable them to take the steps they need to make the changes they want in their lives. 

This re-connects them with their Truth, their trueSelf, to move forward and live more authentically from a place of clarity, confidence, joy and peace within. 

The way in which this manifest is different for each individual. I have no set formula or list of skills and tools to teach.  

As we are all unique, each session is tailored so that you get what you need to create the shift you desire.


Single sessions and regular weekly sessions are available. 

I recommend you book a complimentary discovery call, at which I can answer your questions and we can decide if this is for you. 


Please email me at and we can organise a call at a mutually convenient time.  


Pink Rose Love
I had an over the phone Intuitive Guidance session with Dhriti last month. It was an amazing and intuitive session. Don't think I can express how much this has changed and helped my life and given me some new insights which are still resonating with me now and are starting to lead to new breakthroughs. She was spot on and precise with the advise she gave me. I look forward to another one when I'm ready for it. 
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