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Homeopathy Workshops

Homeopathy Workshops

Homeopathy workshops were inspired by those coming into the Natural Health Food Shop I volunteer at.  I often was asked the same questions and so I thought, why not give workshops on the topics I am regularly asked about, and so started the Homeopathy Workshops.  

The list of workshops, past, present and future is given below. If there are any workshops you were unable to make and would like me to repeat, please fill in the form below requesting the workshop you would like to be repeated. 


May 11th, Fevers. 

April 13th, Skin conditions. 

March 9th, Hay fever. 

February 10th, Nervous System. 

January 13th, Boosting Immunity. & 6th, Coughs and colds. 

The workshops take place upstairs at Natural Worx, Seaton ( ), 10am to 12midday. 

By appointment only, so book your place in advance by emailing or

by filling in the form below or the contact page.

Attendees feedback:

I really look forward to the homeopathy workshops every month. I’ve used homeopathy almost exclusively for over 40 years. Dhriti is an inspiration, she not only explains how homeopathy works and it’s potentially life changing benefits to health and wellbeing, she also gives great advice and insights to improve your life and relationships in so many other ways.

David, Devon. 

I found yesterday’s session very good. The use of anonymous case studies was most appropriate as it gave a good idea of how Homeopathy works as a force for good in practice. I particularly liked your reference to the Bell Curve and the ‘freeze / flood’ principle which was easy to understand and very relevant to how people react to various stimuli or situations they find themselves in. A good deal of thought went into that session.  Thank you.

GRM, England. 


Great informative workshop in a relaxed and friendly environment. 

Bex, England. 

Previous Workshops

2023 December, 16th Perimenopause & Menopause, 9th Digestive issues & 2nd Perimenopause & Menopause. November 11th, Heart, Circulation & Blood Pressure. October 21st, Joint & Muscle pain; September 16th, Coughs & colds; August 19th, Headaches and Migraines; July 15th, Grief and Loss; June 17th, Sleep issues; May 20th, Perimenopause & Menopause; April 22nd, Stress, Anxiety & Fear. 

If there are particular topics you would like me to run workshops on that are not currently listed, then please feel free to fill in the form below to let me know or fill in the form on the contact page. I will then consider the topics you suggest for future workshops. In this way I look to give workshops that are of interest to the community. 

 How can I help you? 

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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