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Intuitive Healing Hands
All treatments are individual and tailored
to the needs of the client.
CNHC Registered.  
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WHAT IS ScarWork? 

ScarWork was developed by American therapist called Sharon Wheeler.  Scar Work is a manual therapy that improves the health of scars. 

The Scars can be from burns, accidents such as road traffic accidents, sporting injuries (where skin has been broken in the trauma or surgery), animal bites, falls and most types of surgery including key hole procedures, c-sections, mastectomies, hysterectomies, reconstructive surgery etc.

Scars can be any age from 10 -12 weeks post surgery to decades old. Scars may not be presenting a problem, but may be impacting on the body and function.

Treatment are usually relaxing and comfortable experience. 

The scars don't need to be causing a big problem for us to be able to work on them, but if they have pain or sensitivity or reduced range of motion that's something ScarWork is likely to be able to help.

Treatment is given without oils or creams, to help post operative, accident or burn scars. Movements are relaxed and the therapists’ hands sweep on and around the scar, gently moving deeper into the underlying tissues and pumping fluid with press and release motions.

Clients are usually comfortable and relaxed during the treatment. 


For more information and to book an appointment,

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What are people saying about ScarWork with Dhriti

"The treatment I received from Dhriti was one of the best experiences I've had.

I can already feel how my scar has changed in not only colour but its is less raised than before.

I feel more confident to have my scar out now." 

(Hip Scar, from a fall over decade old. Feedback after one session.) 

"Very very relaxing during treatment.

After - very relaxed but eyes felt so open and alert - no eye strain.

But  absolutely relaxed feeling. Eyes looked more open. Eye feels stretched open."

(Facial scar, around eyes, nose and forehead, from basal cell carcinoma, a couple years ago.

Feedback after one session.)

"The skin feels softer. I felt overall relaxed.

Also a bit strange to have my scar touched. 

(Scar from 3 back surgeries, over 4 years ago. Feedback after one session.) 

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