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1st February 2022 New Moon Ritual

New Moon Ritual - 29th Jan/1st Feb’2022

This ritual can be done any time from the 29th January to the 7th February 2022.

  1. Clear your space. Walk around your living space and see what is no longer resonating with you. What you no longer want or need practically. You may like to look in your wardrobe too.

  2. Once you have collected these items. Thank all the items for all they have given you. If they are going to be donated, once you have thanked them, tell them it is time for them to find a new home where they will be used and appreciated.

  3. Then put these items on one side.

  4. Now that the space has been cleared, cleanse it with a cleansing tool of your choice. I like using intention and incense to cleanse my space. Some other common cleansing tools are bells, rattles and clapping. This is not a finite list so use what best suits you.

  5. Now find a quiet place to sit. Remember to quietly with intention cleanse your energetic body of all that no longer serves you.

  6. Taking a pen and paper write your intentions for this new moon and even for the lunar year ahead as it is the start of the lunar new year as well.

  7. Then state to yourself, "It is a time to welcome in the new. It is time to start a fresh. I release the old and welcome in the new. I is a new day, an opportunity to create something new, to birth new ideas, new ways of being. I ask my angels, guides, the Universe to guide me along this path in a way that keeps me in alignment with my highest and greatest good. And so it is.”

  8. Sit quietly and experience how you feel and how the energy feels.

The ritual is now complete.


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