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Shift is happening

I have been talking about the energies incoming for the past year or more in my newsletters intermittently. Well, since September this year this incoming energy has significantly increased and will continue to do so. We started to get multiple solar flares a day and on consecutive days as well. The strength and potency of the solar flares has also been increasing from C-class, to M-class and X- class flares. 

evolution of consciousness
Shift is happening

Solar flare scale is like the Richter scale, it is exponential. So M-class flares are 10x the strength of the C-class flares and X - class are 10 x that of M-class flares. 

So whereas previously we’d get one flare a week, giving us plenty of time to process and integrate the shift in energy, we are now have a greater frequency of solar flares and some days we have multiple flares. The process of integrating and recalibrating these new energies requires our energy as well as minerals and vitamins. So it is quite possible that you may be feeling fatigued, exhausted and even burnt out, and need more vitamin and mineral dense foods. 

On the 14th December we had our largest solar flare in 6 years. X -Class 2.7 magnitude, which is massive. With all this energy incoming the Earth too is integrating and recalibrating and so this is affecting the geomagnetic field of the earth. 

This incoming energy is upgrading us, helping us to evolve and raise our vibration and consciousness. Our physical body as it assimilates and adapts can feel tired and uncomfortable. 

Common symptoms are feeling aches and pains, tinnitus, fatigue, insomnia, feeling more sensitive emotionally, and more easily triggered. It can also bring about detox symptoms, colds, coughs, fever, fatigues as we release toxins through the integration, assimilation and recalibration process. 

Everyone is experiencing this consciously or unconsciously. I personally so far have experienced ringing in my ears, sleep issues, body ache, headaches, emotional sensitivity and fatigue.  So I invite you to be kind and compassionate to yourself and those around you and take the best care of you that you can.  This incoming energy also creates some amazing skies and auroras. 

Incoming energies will continue in 2024, in surges, so take good care of yourself. Everyone living on the Earth, as well as the Earth, is going through this process of upgrading and evolving. 

If you are interested and want to look into this more have a look at it is good for knowing what is coming in the next 2-3 days.  

Things that may help rebalance and recalibrate as we move through this time are, 

1. Ground daily. Bare feet on the grass, connecting skin to earth. 

2. Heart Breathing. Placing your hand on your heart, imagining there is a hole in the back of your hand and you are breathing into your heart through that hole, expanding your heart. Breath out from your heart into the hole in the back of your hand. Do this for the count of 6 as you breath in and for the count of 6 as you breath out. Repeat 5 times to complete one cycle. Repeat as needed. 

3. Stay well hydrated. You may like to add a pinch of Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt to your water these salts many of the minerals we need. 

4. Echinocorys is a good homeopathic fossil remedy if you are finding it all “too much” and “feeling overwhelmed”. 

5. Ensure you are getting plenty of sleep by going to bed earlier than usual or sleeping in. If you are not able to sleep, make time to rest. 

6. Mediation is also good, going within and connecting with the stillness. 

I trust that this is helpful. 

If you need one to one support, please feel free to get in touch. 

with love and peaceful peace



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