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Cardiac Coherence and Heart Coherence.

heart coherence
Cardiac coherence

I use cardiac coherence and heart coherence breathing in my practice, in Meditation circles, Quantum energy coaching and also in Intuitive Life Guidance sessions as appropriate. I thought I would share it with you here as it can help us deal with stress, anxiety and difficult situations. 

Heart coherence breathing is also known as cardiac coherence. It is a method of slow breathing connected to the heart that bring the heart into coherence. Coherence, according to Wikipedia, is a state or situation in which all the parts or ideas fit together well so that they form a united whole. 

When our hearts, minds and bodies are in coherence we are on the path to optimal health and wellbeing. 

How to do Heart Coherence breathing?

  1. Place your hand or hands on your heart.  

  2. Imagine that you are breathing into your heart. 

  3. Imagine that you are creating out from your heart. 

  4. Breathe into your heart for the count of six and breathe out of your heart of the count of 6. If 6 is too long then make it a lower number, with it being the say number for breathing in and out. As you do this more gradually increase to six. 

  5. Do this for 5 breaths. 

  6. See how you feel and repeat as needed. 

This breathing frequency makes the heart in coherence in an optimal way.

Benefits of Heart coherence breathing. 

There are many benefits of Heart coherence breathing, it can help us to cope with difficult situations. It can be used by adults and children.  Daily practice helps to relieve stress, anxiety and regulate emotions. 

As our heart comes into coherence, the coherence spreads throughout our body  and brain. As we continue to do the heart coherence breathing it brings our brain into coherence with our heart and then one by one each of the systems of our body. So in this way it is a good daily practice for maintaining good health. It is also a good practice if one is not well to aid the body to heal. 

As well as using it in my Quantum Energy Coaching practice and meditation circles, I have used it along side Homeopathy advising a number of the men and women I work with especially those with anxiety, sleep and digestive and nervous system issues to do hearth coherence breathing three times a day before each meal. Doing 1 to 3 rounds of the set of 5 breaths. Those with sleeping issues, to do it on getting into bed or if they wake in the night as it helps them fall back to sleep. 

Heart Coherence breathing helps us to switch into state of peace, calm, resting, digesting so that we are in the parasympathetic nervous system and out of the stress response of the sympathetic nervous system.  As we come into coherence it feels like a harmonious state, where our hearts, minds and bodies are united in a feeling of wholeness. 

by Dhriti


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