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Your vibe may be more important than you think!

How important is your vibration? 

Your vibration, your frequency may be more important than you think. We are all energy beings. Everything is made of energy. Every energy has a frequency. You may have said or heard someone say for example, she has a good vibe.  We usually associate frequency to music and to sound. We rarely associate frequency to emotions or ideas or views of the world. 

David Hawkins created a scale of consciousness that goes from shame to enlightenment. The scale is arbitrary, it is really there to have the context between one frequency and another.  Hawkins found that there were consistencies in attitudes, thoughts, feelings, situations and relationships in the human experience associated with the different level of the scale. So someones frequency was an indicator of how they experience everything, so their paradigm of the world. For example, someone who calibrates at 100 predominantly lives in fear. Here is a summary of Hawkins map of consciousness. 

Hawkins map of consciousness

700 to 1000 / Enlightenment

600 / Peace

540 / Joy

500 / Love

400 / Reason

350 / Acceptance

310 / Willingness

250 / Neutrality

200 / Courage

175 / Pride

150 / Anger

125 / Desire

100 / Fear

75 / Grief

50 / Apathy

30 / Guilt

20 / Shame

No calibration is better than another they are indications of the predominant state of consciousness. You may calibrate at 200 and something happens and you feel fear. This temporary takes your vibration to 100, whilst you are experiencing emotions of a lower frequency. 

I wanted to share this map of consciousness with you as I feel it is hugely empowering for each of us living in the world today.  As we have the power to shift and change our frequency and hence the world around us. 

A vibration under 200 is survival paradigm, between 200 and 400 is reason and integrity and above 400 is spiritual paradigm. 

An individual vibrating at 700 on Hawkins map of consciousness counterbalances 70 million below the level of 200. 

An individual vibrating at 600 on Hawkins map of consciousness counterbalances 10 million below the level of 200. 

An individual vibrating at 500 on Hawkins map of consciousness counterbalances 750,000 below the level of 200. 

An individual vibrating at 300 on Hawkins map of consciousness counterbalances 90,000 below the level of 200. 

So your vibration is important, more important than you may have realised.  So how can we our vibration our frequency to create a world we would prefer to see and experience? 

We can do this by stopping oneself getting swept up in the hysteria of what is being perceived around us, and instead we go within and create a version of the world we would prefer to see and experience. When were are in this visualisation we must feel it, we must see it, we must feel it, we have to touch it.  We have to do this again and again and again. In this way we are bedding in the world we prefer to see, we prefer to touch, we prefer to feel and stop anchoring in the version of the world that is creating hysteria. 

You have this power within you. This power within you is more powerful than you have been lead to believe you are. Start doing this and you will start to create a world you prefer to see and experience, as it will raise your vibration. You are an active participant in the world you are experiencing whether you believe it or not, whether you are conscious of it or not. So raise your vibration keep it high you you will counterbalance more and more that are in the lower frequencies. As more of us raise our frequencies it will become easier for others to do the same. 

Please share this what anyone that would appreciate it. 

In my next newsletter I will be sharing how I help people raise their vibration, their frequency. 

With love and peaceful peace



Map of consciousness explained by David R Hawkins MD PhD. 

instagram: @dhriti_vibrance4life


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