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Mental Stillness & Mental Health part3

Welcome to part 3 of Mental Stillness for Mental.

I will assume you have read parts 1&2 and got some value from them and so are now reading part 3. However if you have not read parts 1&2, that is okay to as you will still gain value from this article as it describes more techniques shared and experienced at the Talk Mental Stillness for Mental Health at Yogific London in Feb 2018,

The next technique I'd like to share with you follow on from the Conscious breathing I mentioned in the Part 1.

The first breathing technique I'd like to share with you is the "Ahh" breath.

So let's try it,

Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth, with a "Ahhh" sound as breath out. Make sure your mouth is open wide and jaw dropped down when you breath out and the Ahh sound will just express itself.

Breath in and breathe out, Ahhh.

Breath in and breathe out Ahhh.

How did that feel?

Do you feel any different to before you did the three breaths?

The feed back received at the talk was,

"I feel something release in my heart."

" It feels soothing."

" I feel calmer."

"It felt really good."

It was great to hear this feedback and please feel free to share yours below. The Ahh breath is a really good breath to do I have sound when feeling low, down, sad, low energy. It is a very soothing breath. Good to do when feeling stress or anxious as in many it relieves and reduces the intensity of the symptoms being experienced. If it brings up tears let them flow, as you will more than likely feel better of the release.

As you feel calmer, more present, good within, you will be more in the present moment and hence experience more mental stillness. At times experiencing mental stillness can bring up emotions as one feels more stillness, one may be clear as to what the emotion relates to and at other times one may not be clear as to what the emotions relate to. Either response it good. I would encourage you if this happens to repeat the exercise, with three conscious breaths, so 3 Ahh breaths, followed by 3 conscious breaths and then see how you feel and repeat as you feel is best for you.

If you have any questions and or feedback please feel free to comment below or email me at

Thank you


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