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Lessons in seeing the Truth - Journey

It can be challenging, when you can see a persons potential, to accept their reality. Let them be. You may see them shift in this life time you may not. Either way it is ok. Let them be and do your best to accept them and love them where they are choosing ( consciously or unconsciously) to be. Be okay with not receiving approval, acceptance or love from others. Give yourself the love acceptance and approval you desire. Fill yourself up with this, top yourself up with this.

You are your Source. You have everything you desire and need within you.

All the love you ever felt or desire to feel is within you.

All the acceptance you so want from outside is waiting to embrace you within.

All the approval you feel you need from others is the approval you need to give yourself.

Others, your external world is but a reflection of you.

Choose wisely.

A wound is where the light comes in (Rumi).

A wound also needs to heal, so stop going to those who feel like salt in the wound.

Start by giving yourself space in which you can heal, love, accept and approve of yourself.

You don’t need to do anything on anyone elses time, do it on your time.

You are not responsible for others choices, they are responsible for their situation.

Just because you can see their Truth doesn’t mean it is your job to get them to see it.

Their journey of this lifetime may not be for that purpose.

Focus on your journey, your purpose your healing and let them focus on what they choose.

~ Dhriti Mehra ~

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