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Forgiving someone who is not sorry.

I never knew how strong I was until I forgave someone who wasn’t sorry.

It is one of the best things I have ever done. Society, culture teaches that certain relationships should be a certain way. When I realise this was not true, when a close loved one repeatedly hurt me, knowingly. I was in disbelief, couldn’t believe they could behave this way, repeatedly. It has take a far while but I have forgiven, it doesn’t make what was done ok, but it frees me. I feel free and energised. I see them clearly and I leave them be, and have learnt to honour myself more so because of these past experiences and for this I am grateful. I realise that I am stronger than I ever knew. 🙏

I also forgave myself for not doing it sooner, for enduring the emotional and physical pain for so long. This too was liberating for me and brought me to a place of loving myself more than I did before, for this I am also grateful. 🙏

DhritiMehra Intuitive healer teacher writer

Forgive, to set yourself free. Do it to take care of yourself, to love yourself. Do it for you, you deserve it. .


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