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Black bird

The world we experience is triggering us to look at our shadow side, the skeletons in the closet, the stuff we try to suppress to be positive!

To create a better future for our children and their children, is to look at our shadow, look at our skeletons in the closet. Work on our "stuff" do what it takes to make peace within ourselves with ourselves.

If we see war in the world, ask yourself what is the war within me that I haven't addressed and start addressing it.

If you see judgement in the world around you look at yourself and ask where do I need more understanding within.

If you have an inner critic that is quite loud, look at making it more encouraging and loving to reduce conflict within.

So within so without.

The world you are experiencing is an expression of the shadow, the skeletons in the closet of the mass consciousness of mankind. So to heal the world and make it a better ace for ourselves and our children we need to heal ourselves, make peace with ourselves. This is the only way to peaceful peace, from the inside out.

Love and courage to look at your "stuff"


PS. If you need help get in touch

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