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Destruction and Creation.

Where there is Destruction there is also Creation. It is all happening at the same time.

There is destruction happening right now and at the same time there is also Creation, even if it may seem a bit chaotic. Right now is a powerful time for creation. Be aware that whatever we give our focus to expands, and hence it is more important than ever before for us to make sure we give our focus to the future that we want. The future that we want for ourselves and for our children, a beautiful future. The world is part of our daily manifestation, what are we consciously manifesting. Just like when we are in a tunnel and it is dark what do we do? We keep moving and we focus on the light, even if it is the size of a pin point, we focus on the light as we know what so long as we keep moving towards the light, we will eventually be out of the tunnel. So I encourage you to focus on the Light, whatever raises your vibration, brings you joy as that is what we all want to expand. So know what is going on in the destruction side of things, so you can navigate it, and also focus on what you are creating right now. What are you focusing on, what is expanding in your life.


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