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Happy Grand Conjunction!

Grand Conjunction is when Saturn and Jupiter will come together to appear together above the horizon half and hour to an hour after sunset. The closeness of these two planets is rare. The last time thew were so close together was in 1623. The next time they will be so close to each other will be in 2080, so this is really once in a life time event. In some countries they will only be visible for about an hour. The further north you go the longer they will be visible in the night sky.

Saturn and Jupiter have very different energies. Saturn is the planet of structure, systems and authority. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, expansion and optimism. So when they come together is is big shift energy, times are changing energy. Some of us will feel this energy strongly and other will not feel it at all. The affects of this energy will ripple out over the next few months.

Traditionally the energy of such a conjunction is associated with major social changes, the shifting and crumbling of systems. As this conjunction is happening in the sigh of Aquarius, it is astrologically believed it will bring in the Age of Aquarius, which will impact society as a collective.

Age of Aquarius will bring in liberation, resilience, replacement of toxic systems with healthier more inclusive unifying ways. Innovation in medicine, science and technology and a step away from rigid systems, and more towards forming ones own path, with feeling a deeper need to be free, to accept others and need to belong.

It is a good day for meditation, reflection and stillness. It is a really good day to connect with Mother Earth. Standing barefoot on the earth and grounding, hugging a tree, doing some gardening, touching the soil, to help balance and ground the energies within and come into alignment with this incoming energy.

Sending love to you all

Dhriti Mehra.


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