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Happy holidays?

Many I have spoken to are happy to be the other side of the holidays. The holidays are not always a happy easy time for people, for many it can be a challenging time. The holidays are portrayed as a joyous family time and this is not the case for many. For some families are not together as they don’t get on or that they can’t be together due to distance or they are estranged. It can also be that they are together and it is overwhelming, as it b

rings up everyones “stuff”. With everyone being together it can be difficult to find space to be with ones own feelings, rather than suppressing them to keep the peace. It is portrayed like it is a big occasion for loved ones to come together and I would say that every day is a day to show and share our love for our loved ones not just days like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations throughout the year. I would say that it its the days in-between that are most important. Also for many it is more joyous and easy to met in small numbers to actually be able to speak to tho

se you are with and not just get lost in a crowd. For some spending it with oneself it the best and healthiest way. Having time to self reflect and be with oneself, reading, journalling, having long baths, cooking delicious food etc. and relaxing for a few days, to give oneself a mini home retreat. For many it is something that is looked forward to all year as a wonderful time to get together with those one does not see often and to really make that most of that time together. Whatever you choose to do I hope that you do what is best for you and your wellbeing as that is what is most important, and that is what is most important to those that truly love and care about you


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