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Managing coughs with Homeopathy

Many of you have been in touch recently with colds, so I thought in todays newsletter I would share some common Homeopathic remedies for managing colds that have be around recently.

Common Cough remedies:

Ant-tart 30C - Muscus and rattly cough.

Bryonia 30C - Spasmodic cough.

Drosera 30C - If the cough is particularly bad at night.

Spongia 30C - Croupy cough

I recommend 1 pill three times a day. If you have no improvement in two days please get in touch as you may need a different potency or the dosage may need adjusting or you may need another homeopathic remedy.

I trust that one of the remedies mentioned above helps. If not or if your cough is not improving or keeps coming back, it is important to book an appointment as you or your child’s immune system may need additional support .


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