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Reconnecting with my Heart.

Reconnecting with my Heart (process)

Close your eyes.  Notice your breath.  Place your hand on your heart.  Feel how your heart feels.  Can you hear it beating for you?  As you feel your heart imagine a beautiful ball of light in the centre of your chest.  It can be whatever colour comes.  Let that beautiful ball of light grow and shine bright.  Let it grow until you are within this beautiful ball of heart light.  Feel the Love in the light eminating from your heart.  Sit in the light and feel the Love for as long as you like. Remember, This is who you are.  You can connect to this anytime.  You are not what is happening around you.  You are the Light that shines within, that shines bright. 

~ Dhriti Mehra ~

If I can be of service please feel free to get in touch via the contact page or via email


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