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Self Awareness and Healing

Healing and self awareness.

The first step to healing is self awareness. If you are not aware of yourself and the affects of your actions on yourself and those around you, this is what needs to be worked on first. So if you are in a conflict with someone who is not self aware, they will blame you for the conflict, they will make you the one with the issues, the one that needs to address things. They are completely unaware of the affect of their actions and hence take absolutely no responsibility for their part in the conflict. This is not a healthy relationship as it is unbalanced. One person does not have the self awareness to see how their actions have contributed to the conflict. To have a healthy relationship make sure you find out how self aware someone is before getting into a relationship with them. You are unlikely to ever get an authentic apology from someone who is not self aware. Someone who is not self aware will never change as they see no reason to change, as the are not self aware.

If you are interested in working together, get in touch via or www.vibance4life/contact and we can organise a clarity call to see if we are a good fit.

with Love



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