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Joy! Joy! Joy!

An amazing and joy filled day! I am thankful for my fabulous massage and Intuitive Guidance clients.

I am thankful for my Massage client that rescheduled their appointment today, as it gave me a window of opportunity to pop out and be nourished by Mother Nature, in Bushy Park, where I was greeted by my friends the deer.

I am thankful for the complimentary Amaretto almond latte (extra hot), my favourite, from Thyme on the Park, that I thoroughly enjoyed on my walk.

I am thankful for the love and support of my soul tribe that are around me.

I am thankful for the smiles of strangers.

I am thankful for my body, my ability to excercise and keep fit and the fabulous Zumba, Yoga and Pilates instructors that help me to do so.

I am thankful for technology that connects us with ease and frequency, a gift!

I am thankful to the beautiful chocolate brown Pit Bull terrier that barked and barked at me, bring me in to the present moment.

A truly magical and extraordinary day, in which I feel in flow!

I am thankful to mySelf for embracing my gift of Intuition for mySelf, as I do for others.

Wishing all a blessed day in which we all feel the love that is within and around you today and every day! xx

And as Great Spirit said today,

Joy! Joy! Joy! (with jazz hands)

This post was inspired by the experience of 10th January 2018.

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