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Managing intense emotions (part 1)

I have been feeling very intense emotions of all kinds over the past 6 months of this year, as many of you may have been feeling as well.

I felt like it was all too much at one point, not knowing what to do, and I eventually decided to tuned in and asked what is the best way for me to deal with these super intense, at times overwhelming, emotions and below is what I was told to do. I have been actioning the guidance I was given and it has helped me immensely, so I decided I would share it with you as it may well help you as well.

a. Allow yourself to feel your feelings. Don’t try to change them or critisise yourself for having them.

Let yourself feel the anger, the rage, the sadness, the anxiety, panic attacks, sadness depression. Whatever it is, let yourself feel it.

Step away from the judgement of it being positive or negative or neutral or something else. Whatever the emotion allow yourself, give yourself permission to feel it.

b. Observe yourself having the experience of the feeling.

As you are feeling it, become the one who is watching you having the experience of the feeling. This is something I teach on my meditation course. You don’t take yourself outside of yourself. You have an awareness of what you are experiencing. So as you have an awareness of the feeling you are experieincing you become the awareness observing the experience.

c.Have no judgement of the experience you are observing.

Allow the experience to unfold and watch it as it happens.

I have found as I have done this over the past months, what happens is that the feeling I am experiencing reduces in intensity and passes of it own accord. In my experience so far it is very gentle in the way that it happens.

At times I felt like if I allow myself to feel the feelings under the surface they will manifest as a tsunami and cause destruction, so resisted feeling them. Eventually the emotions were busting at the seems and I remember the guidance I was given. I allowed the feelings to be felt and it was intense but there was no destruction and it came and passed with ease and gentleness that surprised me.

I felt relieved and also much calmer as I was not trying to hold anything back.

If you would like some help with intense emotions you are feeling feel free to get in touch. I can help you with Intuitive Guidance, Meditation and Homeopathy or a combination of them.

31st October 2020

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