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You can say No.

You can give yourself permission to say No.

You can say No to anything that is abusive to you.

Be it your partner, your husband, your wife, your children, your friends, your acquaintances, you can say No to them all.

Abuse is not always visible.

Abuse can be mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and or sexual.

You decide if it is abusive to you, no one else does.

You are not hear to take abuse from anyone!


You are not hear to use your gifts and abilities to cope with and manage abuse.

You are here to shine your light and share your gifts with those that truly value you.

Don’t justify acceptance of abuse, because they are unconscious of what they do, or because it is your child or because it is your parent or anyone else, whatever the relationship.

You are are worthy of feeling safe, protected, having boundaries, being loved, free and sovereign.

You are the one who can give yourself permission to say No.

You are the one you have been waiting for.

You are the one that will save you.

You can choose to say No,

To anything that is not for your highest and greatest good.

(I got this message for a client of mine and felt I would share it here as I feel it would resonate with many. )


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