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Celebrating all the Mama Bears within

Celebrating the Mama bear within each of us.

Not everyone has a healthy loving relationship with the woman that gave birth to them. I felt I would like to recognise this as it can be a challenging day for those men and women, to have everyone around them taking their Mothers out or visiting with their Mothers and playing happy families, when theirs was not a happy healthy relationship.

So this is a shout out to the Mama Bears within each of us. The Mama Bears within each of us, that can show herself to your inner child who was not loved and cared for in the way that she needed by her Mother. Who did not have a healthy relationship with her Mother. Who’s Mother was not capable of loving her the way she needed. Who’s Mother didn't know how care for a child. Who's Mother may not have been loved the way the she needed to be.

Your Mama Bear who is within each of you, is fiercely protective, caring and loving. Let her hold your inner child and love your inner child the way he/she needs to be loved and cared for, so she feels safe and loved.

If you choose to you can mark this day by taking your inner children and the Mama Bear within you out, to spend the day doing what your inner child loves to do.

You know how you need to be love, to be nourished, so let the Mama bear within you take amazing care of your inner child, give her all she feels

she did not get as a child, the safety, the love, the cuddles, the care the acknowledgement of her feelings etc.

Take good care of your inner child, he/she needs you and is at the root of much of your healing.

If you are interested in working together, get in touch via or and we can organise a clarity call to see if we are a good fit.

with Love



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