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Dhriti's story

Dhriti’s Story….

I was always very sensitive to energies, environments as a child. As a child I was clairsentient, feeling energies and knowing what had been felt in the room before I entered it but not always being able being able to distinguish it as separate from myself, and hence processed it through myself that was not really very healthy. I always had and interest in healing in natural ways and had a strong connection with Mother nature and animals. I would often share my concerns and worries with my pet and with the ocean growing up and listen to their guidance, that helped and soothed me.

I grew up abroad in an international school, which I feel was wonderful as, grew up with differences being normal, one of 10 different nationalities in the classroom at primary school. Being invited and included in celebrating festivals and occasions of different nationalities, religions and cultures was the norm growing up.

I finished school and went to University doing a science and business degree and went into the corporate world. I had wanted to do alternative healing work but was guided to the corporate route. As I reflect back it served me well. Due to my aptitude I fell into IT, on the business and relationships side of things. Working in sale, account management, client retention and as a consultant. The interest in healing arts continued and I began meditating in my mid 20s to help me deal with the stresses of life.

At 27years, just around my Saturn return, I fell ill, antibiotics did not work repeatedly and Homeopathy was suggested and did the trick. Homeopathy got me back to health with a few days, after suffering for 6 weeks. This personal experience inspired me to become a Homeopath. Whilst studying Homeopathy, literally on the first day of the starting the course, I found Shamanism and trained as a Shamanic Practitioner & Counsellor over 3 years, along side my training to become a Homeopath.

When I finished my Homeopathy degree, the clients weren’t queuing up as I naively thought they would so I went back to IT, which enabled me to keep my home, and I practised Homeopathy and Shamanic Counselling in the evenings and at weekends.

In 2015, after an accident, illness and during recovery, I made the decision it was time to follow my true passions and souls calling, and really bring that to the forefront and live life more authentically and joyous life.

My connection to my spirit guides and Spirit, had also evolved and expanded over this time, with me no longer needing to shift my state of consciousness with percussion, as is common with Shamanism, as I was connecting to my guides and Spirit, without percussion. For example as I walked down the street or as someone would speak to me, I would be given information regarding what was concerning me or what the person was saying to me.

It was through a tarot card reading that I received, after which the Tarot Card Reader asked me to do an “Intuitive Reading” for her, due to what came up when she was reading the Tarot cards for me. This is how Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Guidance was born. After her Intuitive Reading she asked me for business cards to share and that is how I began to do Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Guidance.

If I can be of service to you please feel free to get in touch.

To hear from those who have worked with me, see Client Testimonials.

Love, Light and Blessings for the journey ahead,



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