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Happy Galactic New Year

Happy Galactic New Year!

26th July 2022. It is the end of a cosmic cycle and the beginning of a new Galactic year. 25th July is the last day of the of the Galactic calendar and a good time to release the old energy, forgive the past before moving into the new cosmic year. 26th July can feel highly charged and is a good day to set intentions of

the year ahead. The high incoming energies on this day can complete reset our lives, we can feel like we have taken a quan

tum jump! We may suddenly gain greater clarity, major insight on things we have been struggling with. We may start jumping timelines and be able to more effortlessly than ever before left go of all that does not serve us with ease and grace and coming into alignment with our true essence, making connections and manifesting that which is aligned with our soul true calling.

I invite you to really look at purifying your space, your mind and your body. Purification on all levels. I have found in the last 2 days I have moved things around in my space and felt huge shifts in making space changes to my living space. Additionally my body as been responding quiet loudly is how I would put it to what I eat and drink. I have experience intense food coma alerting me to the fact that my body does not want that food and greater energy and clarity when I eat or drink what my body likes and wants. So I invite you to set intentions around purification as as you purify you will raise your vibration and manifesting will be magnified.

If you feel I can be of help to you in clearing the past and manifesting a new beautiful now and future more in alignment with your true essence please feel free to get in touch,

Sending love and courage for the day,



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