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Lion's Gate Portal, now open, July 26th to 12th August 2021

The Lions Gate portal opened on the 28th July and it peaks on the 8th August and closes on the 12th August 2021.

You may be thinking, what does all this mean? How does it affect me? Well in a nutshell there is a huge influx of very high frequency cosmic energy, light codes coming to the Earth at this time, higher than ever before.

The Lions gate portal has been observed for many centuries. It opens every year from the 26th July to the 12th August. It occurs when when the Earth energy aligns with with star system Sirius. As Sirius rises in the sky, Orions belt aligned with pyramids of Giza, and from our perspective in Earth Sirius appears as the brightest star in the sky and closer to Earth.

Eight in numerology means infinity, abundance and empowerment. Hence is good time to set intentions, do abundance rituals and be open to receiving powerful spiritual insights. It is a time to embrace more of your highest potential.

Due to these energies you may experience some of the following symptoms and may decide to embrace some of these suggestions to harness the energy.

  1. Flu like symptoms, like fever, intense head and ear pressure, mucus, coughing, sneezing, lack of appetite, body ache and such like.

  2. Fatigue, need for more rest and more self care. It is best not to exert yourself at this time.

  3. You may find that you are more thirsty than usual and less hungry. Hydration is really important at this time, and will help you more through this time, so drink lots of water throughout the day. You may find that you are craving more juicy watery fruits and vegetables and less cooked food, trust this if you are and go with the flow.

  4. It is a good time to do a detox, on all levels, if you are feeling so inclined, as the energies will help to optimise this.

  5. It is a good time to be eating and drinking clean. Hence, avoiding alcohol and heavy foods, such as meat. Avoid smoking as it could aggravate your throat more than usual.

  6. You may find you are dreaming more and the dreams are more vivid.

  7. It is a good time to spend more time in nature and less time on devices and online. Grounding, wth your feet barefoot on the ground will help you to acclimatise to the earth energies and the incoming energies, as everything raises its frequency.

  8. This is a powerful energy can be harnessed for manifestation and creation as well. Focusing, feeling, visualising and affirming what you want to create and experience in your life, and for mankind, is a wonderful way to embrace the energies of this time. For example focusing on freedom of choice, freedom of travel, good health, harmony, abundance, joy, prosperity, peaceful peace, new blessings, are just a few suggestions. 8/8, the 8th August is one of the luckiest days for manifesting!

  9. At this time it is important to keep calm and balanced and do your best to refrain from dwelling on fear and panic.

I am finding the fatigue is not as intense now, but I am very thirsty, my social media and online time is at a minimum, some of you may have noticed I have not posted on Instagram for a few days. Additionally, I am finding I am best when in the garden or out for a walk in nature or sitting on the garden with skin to soil contact.

On the 8th August 2021, when the Lions Gate portal peaks, make sure you take some time for yourself, time to meditate and to connect to your highSelf and be open to receiving the guidance that comes through.

If you would like to share how you are experience this time please email me at as I would love to hear what you are are experiencing and how you are navigating it. If you need some help navigating your experience feel free to get in touch.


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