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Shifting Relationships

As we adapt to all that is happening around us at this time, we will change, grow and expand. We may raise our vibrations, releasing what no longer serves us and embrace the new. Relationships that were significant our whole lives may start to move out of our lives naturally. It may not be that something happened for this to occur, there was no incident or conversation, or maybe there was. Maybe now looking back one can see with clarity all the signs that were taking place for this shift to occur with some relationships.

It may be that you notice the same pattern has been repeating itself and now you have a the courage to say No, I no longer accept this. You may start to notice people you used to speak to, used to spend a lot of time and energy with, are no longer resonating with you, or that you are moving apart and spending less time talking to each other, seeing each other. The connection just does not feel so good any more.

This can feel strange. It can hurt. One may feel lost and confused not understanding why what is happening is happening. It can feel lonely. One may feel a void and pain. It may feel like no one is with you. You may wonder will I meet new people on the same wavelength as me? Am I always going to feel this way. One can struggle with this, pulling to and fro, remembering what was and not knowing what is going to be. We can be tempted to go back, and may do, only to get a louder clearer message or sign of things changing.

Doing ones best to trust that new people, more like minded and on the same wave length will be coming into ones life, as one continues to evolve and expand, so to hold space for this and oneself as it happens. Be compassionate as you move through this. The Universe is looking for signs from you, for your commitment through actions for your new way, your new vibration, and as you show through action, thought and feeling that you are ready and committed to the new vibration and a new way of being, new people arrive into your life, for all you have asked for it will start to manifest.

New like minded people start to appear in random places and in beautiful ways. I share this with you as I am with you and though it can feel easier and more comfortable to go back to what was, I encourage you to stay with the new. To allow what is falling away to fall away. Give yourself permission to release the resistance to change and to be committed to what you know is right and best for you.

Stay committed for what is best for you. Stay committed to your growth and evolution, knowing that there are others walking a similar path to you and if you have not met them as yet, you will be very soon.

Keep shining your light and exploring new avenues and things that resonate and you will find and connect with your soul family.


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