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The Cleanse (part 2)

I found juice fast quite challenging especially the first few days. It was actually quite stressful. It was recommended to do fruit juices, as it is the highest vibrational food available to us and juice needs the least amount of energy from the body to uptake its nutrients. Only having juices will allow the body to spend its energy on healing and repairing where needed, instead of spending energy on digestion of food. It is amazing how much energy the body spends on digestion of the standard cooked food diet.

Initially I found the whole juicing process quite overwhelming. We are advised for the first 3 days to drink 1 litre of fruit juice every 2hours. I found that to be alot of liquid and I just found that by the time I had washed the fruit and juiced it, drunk it and cleared up I had hardly any time before I had to do it all again! I found it frustrating and all encompassing and did not seem to be able got get much else done. Additionally I thought I had bought enough fruit for 3 days and when I started juicing I realised I had just enough for a day, and the first juice on Day 2. I really did not want to go to the supermarket as I felt I would be tempted but I had no choice, so I decided to go in and come out as quickly as I could only buying the fruit I was going to juice and not looking down any of the other aisle. I bough 21 six packs of organic apples as I decided to juice apples predominately on the cleans. My trolley was full of apples and a few lemons. I could see the person infront and behind me in the queue to pay looking at my trolley as it was full off apples, a lot of apples! Lol even the cashier looked at me. I felt compelled to explain myself and told each of them that I was doing a juice fast, they just nodded and smiled. I was just determined to not go to the supermarket for as long as possible as I felt that would help reduce temptation and keep me focused.

In the first 3 days so much anger and frustration and annoyance came up and I just felt it and did my best to address it. After the third day it became easier.

On the third day, I had a clear out of my bowels like I have never experienced before. For a good 8hours! My stomach would gurgle so loudly and I could feel something moving within my intestines and I just knew I had to get to the bathroom asap or there would be an accident. This literally happened every hour or twice an hour on that day 3. I don’t know what as passing out as it was nothing like a stool I have seen before in my life, but it was coming out and I really did not have much control in it. Each time the warning was the loud gurling and I would just make a mad dash to the toliet.

I am so grateful I had no clients booked that day and it was pouring with rain all day that I had no desire to go outside, as I really could not have been more than a few metres away from a toilet.

We all have Candida in our bodies as that is what digest the cooked food, our bodies can’t digest cooked food, so candida grows within the body to digest the cooked food consumed. When on the juice cleanse we were advised that what I experienced on day 3 was one of the Candida die off systems that can occur between days 3 and 8 of the Juice cleanse. It can be longer or shorter it really depends on the body. All I can say is that I am so grateful as for me it this symptom lasted just that one day, but it was full on. Between juicing and and going to the toilet I did not do much that day to be honest.

Interestingly after Day 3 it became much easier to have fruit juice. I also found that I started to feel that the juice very sweet from day 4 so was often diluting it with distilled water. This was interesting as in the first 3 days this was not felt at all and I as able to drink the juice, it was more the volume of liquid I found challenging. Funnily enough from Day 4 I was find with the volumes of liquid it just needed to be diluted as it tasted very sweet. I stay on Apple juice predominately with some pears pear juice for the cleanse.

Part 3 will be published next week.


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