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The Cleanse (part 3)

I was happily juicing and drinking, had gotten myself into an efficient rhythm of washing juice and cleaning so that it did not take up most of my day, which was a relief. There was a myriad of emotions and memories of past disagreeable occurrences coming up and I was sitting with them and doing my self to observe them as I was experiencing them. There were days I did not speak to anyone as I was so engulfed by the emotions and the memories surfacing.

A few years ago after intense pain in the left lower abdomen, I was rushed in for a scan as quite a large pultruding lump was found. Within a month I had had the scan and seen the consultant to be told there were some rather large fibroids present. Strangely enough the pain was present for 3 days and then passed and I have not experienced it since nor do I experience any other symptoms.

So now coming back to the fast. As the fast began, I learnt in the group that some were doing it for health reasons and hoping to have some beneficial shifts through the process of the cleanse. I had not come on it with that intention as I explained in part 1.

On day 7 or 8 I decided to asked Josh X if there was any particular juice that may aid in the healing and shrinking of fibroids. He advised me that an extended water fast would accelerate the healing within my body, so that would be something to commence. He told me that my body was now ready to go to water fast and asked me if my mind ready was.

This was a good question, as the thought of an extended water fast sent me into a tail spin for the next 48hours.

My mind was definitely not ready when in asked me if I was ready! Thoughts in my head were, extended water fast, I thought I had another 12 days of juice. Extended water fast! How extended? I am not ready for this. Will I faint on water? How will I get energy? This feels crazy.

My thoughts and mind were in a complete spin at the suggestion of an extended water fast. I just couldn’t stop them, it just seems unimaginable and yet it was the only thing suggested to me. Those 48hours were tough within my mind, as so much came up to be witnessed and cleared.

After about 48hours I came to this conclusion, I had done the juice fast for longer than I thought I would at the start, I had gotten to 10days when I did even know if I was going to have done 3 days. So having had this experience, there is no reason why I couldn’t try the water fast early, it will only benefit me.

As some of my clients know, I do a worst case best case scenario, when I need to make a tough decision, so I did it for this.

Worst case scenario, I wouldn’t be able to do the water fast and if that happened I could go back to juice, as there was still healing taking place on juice, water fast would just accelerate it.

So I started on the water fast earlier than planned on day 9.


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