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There is Love in my shadow.

There is love in my shadow.

I was sat on my bed feeling challenged by the feelings that were coming up in me. I meditated to clear my mind and to enter a healing space within me. As I came out of my meditation my eyes were drawn to a beautiful statue that sit on top of the draws in my bed room, for the first time noticed the heart in the couples shadow. I heard that words, “There is love in your shadow”. I felt the words deep within my heart. It was just what I needed to hear. There is love in feelings that I am finding challenging. I embraced and accepted them, and as I did they lost their edge their intensity and dissolved. My shadow loves me. I am grateful for this reminder from the Universe, thank you.

Our shadow side is the side of us that we often feel we need to hide, change, is not good enough or is not what we want the world to see of us. It can be conscious and unconscious to us. Life experiences come about to help us see and become more aware of our shadow side. As we become more aware of ourselves we the have an opportunity to love and embrace more of who we are. This is a continuous journey, I have found in my life experience so far. It is like peeling back layers of an onion, going deeper every time as there is always more. I have learnt, and the other night was a wonderful gift and reminder, that there is love in the darkness. There is love in our shadow. There is love in everything and everywhere. As we become more aware of the Love within and around us and accept it, we have a wonderful opportunity to embrace more of who we are, the Truth of who we are and the world around us.

We can only meet another as deeply as we have met ourselves.

We can only love another as deeply as we love ourselves.

So I invite you to meet yourself more deeply and love your amazing trueSelf more deeply.

Knowing that you are Love.

Knowing that you are Loved.

With Love and Blessings


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