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The illusion of love, unlearnt

I no longer sacrifice myself due to the hatred and anger I feel from past experiences, waiting for an apology that is yet to come.

I now choose to set myself free.

Enough self sacrifice.

You are on your merry way, and I am waiting no longer.

I prefer my own company than those that have shown me that they don't care,

And yet I pine for them to see the Truth, to awaken.

Please, please wake up!

And in the mean time my heart is broken and I experienced emotional abuse.

I now wait no more.

I let you be where you choose to be .

I let you be who you choose to be.

I no longer wish for you to see the Truth.

I leave you where you are.

I no longer wait for an apology.

I see you, I let you go and I set myself free.

I now moved forward.

I love myself more than the illusion of love I learnt.

I release myself from the old learnt illusion of love and I now create my own Love.

A love that feels peaceful in my heart.

A love that feels like a smile within.

A love that brings warmth to my being.

A love that feels true to my soul.

A love that is free and liberating.

A love that is Me.

Dhriti Mehra

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