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Unity Creates Community.

Community is Unity.

Now, is not the time to discriminate but a time to come together in unity and be there for each other. We can respect each others, different choices and help each other out and celebrate the holidays together. Now, is not the time for exclusion. Now is a time for inclusion.

Remember the sentiment of this season. Share and take good care of each other. Do what feels right in your heart, and not what feels right from a place of fear. This is a time for opening our hearts, acting from a place of Love and being in a space of unity, coming together to celebrate life.

Remember, we are a community, of men and women before we see each others uniqueness So please remember to support each other though this time. Holidays can be a challenging time for many . Please check up on those you don’t see, or haven’t seen for a while or heard from, or are on their own or in stressful situations or not well.

I am with you all in Spirit, sending you all my love. I may not be there with you in person but I am here on the end of the phone and the end of an email.

Take good care of yourselves and each other.


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