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It is so important to rest when we need to. The world situation has been going on for over a year now and whatever our personal situation is, it has affected us all. It may have been an in your face stressful situation or an constant background stressor or a combination of the two or something completely different. So please, when you feel exhausted or feel like your body is needing rest, I encourage you to find some time to rest.

Rest is not sleep but can be. I was talking to a friend who has been supporting people over the past year, with weekly support calls and shopping etc. Last week she felt so exhausted, had a migraine coming on and just did not have it in her to call the four people she usually would. She said to me, I was feeling guilty as one of them has a chronic illness, another is recently widowed, another lives on their own etc., and I am in good health and also have my husband and dog with me. I am so much better off than them.

I said to her, We can only give what we have to give. So before we can give to another we need to give to ourselves first. If you are running at below 75% is it going to cause stress on your being to give from that place. For all intensive purposes you may feel you are better off than those you are supporting and you may be, but that does not mean that you are not worthy and deserving of resting and having a week off, when you need it for your wellbeing. She shared she had not seen it like that and said she appreciated what I had said and did not feel so bad any more. I also said to her, that maybe you can share your truth with them when you speak with them next week. She said, but I need to be positive for them. I said to her, how being authentic? You don’t need to pour your heart out to them, but you could say that you had a migraine, were feeling lousy and needed to rest. She sad she had not seen it like that but can appreciate that it could be okay to share a little and be more authentic, than suppressing it and trying to being positive.

In my Intuitive coaching working with clients, I find this comes up a lot. There is a societal conditioning to be positive, and not negative and the real has gotten lost, somewhere in between. For optimal health and well being, we need to be authentic. We need to find healthy and appropriate ways to express our feelings, so that we can be our authentic selves.

If this interests you and you feel working with me would be beneficial for you, please feel free to get in touch. I am happy to have a complimentary chat with you, where I can answer you questions and we can see if we are a good fit.


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