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All the changes and shifts are taking place, so that those that are open to it release the heavy dense energies being carried, creating space to welcome in and embody more of the light. Another way of looking at is that we are being presented with opportunities to become more aware and conscious of the truth of the reality we have been living in for 1000’s of years, and hence are being presented with an opportunity to be less unconscious and more conscious. I say these are opportunities, because we all have free will, so we individually choose to be unconscious or conscious. Much that is being experienced on Earth today is due to the majority of mankind living unconsciously for far too long and continuing to.

This is changing now as more are choosing to be conscious, to live consciously and to create consciously. If this resonates, I invite you set an intention to become aware of where in you life you are unconscious, where in your life you are on autopilot, and have been for as long as you can remember, where are you not willing to appreciate an different perception to your own, where in your life you are resisting change and see if you can be open to something new and different to what you have known your life to be.

A natural part of such significant change is loss, loss of what was. With loss comes grief. Grief is a natural part of life. Different people and different cultures experience it differently. This is no right or wrong way to experiencing grief or grieving, it is individual. There is no timeframe within which grief will pass. In my personal experience I found a new way of living with it, rather than it passing. Grief for me caused me to evolve significantly, the pain was too much to bear and that forced me to find a new way of being, of living. This does not take the grief away, I just found a new different way of existing with it, that was previously unknown to me. So in the article, Grief is a natural part of life, I talk of the different stages of grief and there are many. I do this in the hope that it will help you to be compassionate with yourself and others as you navigate any loss and grief you may be experiencing in your life.

I would invite you to keep an awareness of how you are feeling in particular places and around particular people. Do your best to navigate this spending time in places and with people, with whom you feel balanced, energised and good, and notice where you feel drained and low. There is a lot shifting and relationships with people and places is changing so do your best to be aware and take good care of yourself as you travel through this time.


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