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Feeling the feelings

Time is now! It is a time for detoxing on many levels right now.

It is time to feel the feelings, not to suppress them not to ignore them, not to push them away. The time is now to feel them, it really is. There was a huge energy shift on the 21st December 2020 and energy shift has brought and is bringing to the surface what is ready to be healed.

Some of us, myself included, at times in the past, went straight from the experience, to parking the feelings, the emotions, the experience brought up and moved straight to forgiveness, or flipped to an emotion that was easier to feel, or used distraction to take ones focus away from the feelings a disagreeable experience created within us.

In doing this we did not allow ourselves to feel the feelings that came up. We tried to bypass them by suppressing them in some way, consciously or unconsciously. This does not take the feelings away. The body holds these emotions, it puts them aside to be felt at a later time. This can be hours, days, weeks, months, years or decades later. These parked or ignored or unexpressed feelings don’t create wellbeing. Over time they actually drain us and cause dis-ease within the body. Sometimes we are conscious of what we are doing and sometimes we are unconscious.

Please be aware, I am not labelling the feelings and emotions as good or bad, positive or negative as all emotions and feeling have a purpose and a message. They all arise with a purpose.

Since this huge shift and influx of energy in December 2020, it is helping to bring to the surface the emotions that we are ready to heal and neutralise, to release. The time is now like never before to feel the feelings that arise, to allow them to be felt, as only in feeling will they have the opportunity to be processed and for you to heal.

In doing this you release density within the physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies. This release makes space for more light to enter the body, and hence are able to hold more light. Holding more light raises our vibration and expands our consciousness. This creates the opportunity for great ease and harmony in the mental, emotional, physical and energy bodies, and hence good health and well being on all levels.

So I encourage you to feel the feelings you feel. Feel them and don’t become them. The feelings can be very intense, they can feel overwhelming, they can feel like a tsunami is coming. Know that this is happening for your highest and greatest good and that your being will not bring forth anything you are not ready to work through. This does not mean it will be easy, it doesn’t mean it won’t be messy, or confusing, or uncomfortable, it maybe all of the above and more or none of the above. We are all unique and will only know once we are there in that experience. Remember you are experiencing it because there is a gift in it for you, it has purpose. If not apparent in this moment, the gift will be apparent in the near future.

Some feelings and emotions will come and go with ease, and others will feel like they are sticking around for too long. The way to get through is to keep moving, and to do your best not to stagnate. In some cases you may need help to shift and move through what is arising, at other times you will know what you need to do, so best do that. Trust your inner knowing, it will guide you through.

For some this process feels like it is just beginning, this is what a few of my clients have been saying to me this week. For others, like myself, it has been so full on, like never previously experienced since December 21st 2020 and is now continuing but easing somewhat, thankfully. I had a week where so much came up one after another, I literally hibernated and hardly spoke to anyone for 2 weeks! It was tough, and I sat with it, and it passed. In those two weeks, I spent a lot of time in meditation, regular salt baths, eating good energy foods, in nature, touching the earth, talking to Father Sun and Mother Earth, asking for guidance and following it. I think some people wondered where I had gone and when I came out I told them I went within, as there was no where else to go. All the answers lie within.

So beautiful one, self care is the key to moving through, be it taking Himalayan salt baths, walking in nature, meditating, journalling, breath work, painting, these are just a few suggestions, do what resonates with you. It is important to prioritise your self care and that it includes the practise of self compassion.

If you need help as you progress on this journey feel free to get in touch. I am here to be of service, empowering you to help yourself live your most joyously authentic life.


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