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Today, I choose...



Choose ...

How did you complete that sentence?

We are choosing in every moment what we give our energy, which is our power, what we are choosing to give that to.

Every thought, every intention, every feelin, every emotion, every word, every action is manifesting our next moment and next and next.

So we change our experience, our reality by changing ourselves, by changing what we are giving our energy to, by aligning our thoughts, feelings, desires, feelings, action with what we want to experience, whatever that maybe.

Today, I choose to be joyous, I choose to be focused and productive, I choose to be in alignment with my higherSelf, I choose to feel loved and cared for, I chose freel free and healthy. I choose to be the highest expression of Me!

What are you choosing today?

Sending joyous blessings for you.



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