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What if?

Fear is a mental construct of something that may or may NOT happen in the future. It is not happening in the now. So why not give your thoughts your energy to something that you would like to see happen in the future, as that too, may or may not happen. Ones mental and emotional state in the present moment will be healthier and we will enjoy the present moment far more by focusing and thinking about the wonderful fun, exciting things we would like to create and enjoy. Just in the same way as if we think and focus on what we don’t want or fear may happen, it then spoils the present moment. Take a deep breath in throughs the nose and out through the nose of the mouth once, twice, and a third time and check in with your present moment. How is your present moment? Life is made up of present moments. The past is gone and the future is yet to be, so the present moment is where we are. If we are thinking of the future or the past we are not truly living as the present moment is now.

Are the one who decides what you think? If so, your thoughts are not in control of you. You are in control of your thoughts. If you feel your thoughts are in control of you, become more aware of your thoughts and start to see if you can change them, so you think about what you what you want to think about, and nothing else. As soon as your thoughts drift to what you don’t want to think about, stop that thought and change it.

You can do this. It takes practice just like anything else you start new in your life. You need to practice and practice and then eventually over time it becomes easier and easier to do. Just like when one first starts excercising, it is an effort to do it. Muscles may ache, it may feel hard and difficult, and as we persist, it becomes easier and we start to see the benefits in time. It is the same with ones thoughts. It can take practice and time and in time you will see the benefits it you chose what to think.

This is not about being positive or negative. This is about taking control and responsibility for your thoughts and your focus from moment to moment.

Just try it for a day, a week, a month, as a experiment, and see how you feel within and how your life feels around you .

Dhriti Mehra.

If I can be of help to you please feel free to get in touch,


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