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How is the high frequency energy incoming to the Earth affecting us?

It is an exciting time.

The energy of the Earthis rising as the incoming solar flares are increasing in intensity and frequency and this is being absorbed by the Earth. As we all walk and live on the earth the raising of the Earths frequency will be raising our frequency, whether we are aware or not, it is happening. We may experience all kinds of symptoms, on all different levels and different to each other. What is happening is as we raise our vibration we can no longer carry heavy density and low vibrational energy with us, so it is rising to the surface. The heavy dense energy usually relates to past events that are unresolved, unhealed parts of ourselves are coming to the surface, past traumas that need healing, self limiting beliefs, self sabotaging behaviour and such like. The symptoms can also be experienced physically with aches and pains, fatigue, dizziness, or mentally emotionally as anxiety, depression, grief to mention a few. It can appear to be affecting our physical, mental, emotional and or spiritual heath, but is an opportunity to heal. The important thing to know is that it is different for each of us as we are all unique, so I invite you to have compassion for yourself and others. Additionally, this is happening as we are ready to raise our vibration higher, we are ready to deal with what is arising, to addre

evolution of consciousness
Earth seen from Space

ss it, to heal it, whatever it is. This will continue for a while, so I invite you to take good care of yourself. Pace yourself and go with your energy levels, rest when you need to, ground on the earth every day, keep yourself well hydrated and if you need help and support reach out.

You can book a complimentary Discovery call via . At the discovery call you can briefly share what you are struggling with and I can tell you want I can offer and we can see if it is a good match for us both.

with Love



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