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What is the gift of the black sheep?

If you are the black sheep in your family, know that you are here to create change. Not by making anyone do anything, but my being you! Being your true and

authentic self will change the world in ways you may recognise and in ways that you may not recognise. Many will make you feel like there is something wrong with you, your beliefs, your opinions, your thoughts, your dreams etc. There is nothing wrong with you, you are just unique, different to most, your family. You are not in alignment with the programming of the culture, the family, the town, the religion, the nation etc. You are just different and your views are not in alignment with theirs. That is okay as they are not meant to be. You cause no harm by being you, you are just different to majority of your family. Some families will appreciate your differences and

encourage you to be you, other families will not and you may feel isolated or rejected by them. Some may disrespect you, gaslight you, ridicule you etc. for being different to them. This can be difficult to deal with. I have found that when they behave like this it is usually out of fear and insecurity in themselves and you being confident in your different way triggers this within them. This is a point of growth and healing for all in the situation if they choose to embrace it. It is not abou

t changing the other, it is about being able to respect each other being different and still be able to be in the same space with compassion and kindness, without the need to make anyone wrong.

I invite you to celebrate yourself as the black sheep of your family or as I often say the rainbow sparkly unicorn of the family! You are here to show people a different way is possible, and to show your unique way. A few will love your uniqueness, usually those who

are also unique, others will reject you for it unless you conform to their ways. I would invite you to be yourself, shine your colours bright, whether you are the same or different. The more authentic you are the more you will attract people to you that are also authentic and truly reson

ate with you.

with Love


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