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The Cleanse (part 1)

The Cleanse

On the 10th November 2020 I decide to do a 23day Juice fast, starting on the 1st December 2020. I had never done a juice fast for a day let alone 23days before. The Juice Fast came to my attention first when I was watching a video with Charlie Freak and Josh X and Josh X mentioned doing a Juice Fast for 23days in December 2020. The second time I heard him mention it, I just had this inner knowing that I needed to do it.

I was already 90% plant based with a small amount of dairy very occasionally, hence I say 90%. Though I was plant based my guidance was telling me I would need to prepare for the cleanse, to be able to really do my best on it and to have a greatest experience I could. So on the 10th November I decided I would go 75% raw, 25% whole plant diet, until the 1st December to help my body adjust to raw, in the hope it would help me ease into juicing for 23days. So I started with lots of smoothies, salads and whole fruit, with an occasional small portion of rice and dahl, to help myself prepare. It was challenging. I had days I just wanted something cooked, something hot and I did give into those cravings and desires many times in the 20 days leading up to the 1st December 2020. I went through all kinds of feelings, going to the toilet more often and then less often, to having really bad gas and a lot of it, to having almost no gas. It was quite an experience. I realised I was kind of addicted to warm or hot food. I never before had thought I as addicted to warm or hot food. I had thought maybe to sugar or to chocolate, but not cooked food. Interestingly I did not crave these as much as I thought I would have.

The Juice fast which I call a cleanse was to start on the 1st December 2020, with 20 days of juice followed by 3 days of water fasting. I did not even know if I would get through one day of juice let alone 20days and the water fast just seems so far away at this time in November 2020.

I just want to mention here that I decided to do the 23 day fast out of curiosity to have an experience, to give me a focus for December outside of the craziness taking place in the world. I was doing it to give myself a focus in December, being in lockdown in the UK, sensing that celebrations and festivities were not going to be as planned. I felt I needed something to focus on that was a new experience and this manifested.

Part 2 will be published next week.


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