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You Matter.

You matter

You matter. How you feel. What you think. What you believe. It all matters. It does not need to be the same as anyone else for it to matter. You matter, just the way you are. Your beliefs, your thoughts, your feelings all matter.

You are not hear to change anyones beliefs or to have anyone change yours. You are here to be true to yourself and your truth. Follow your truth to where it leads you, it is your guiding light. It does not need to be the same as anyone else in your life or outside of your life.

We are here to stand and speak our truth with compassion, with grace and with peace.

There is a lot going outside and it will continue for a long while before it settles, hence it is more important that ever before to be grounded within ourselves. Let your trust and faith come from within. Ground yourself in your body. Allow yourself to feel how your body is feeling. How is your body feeling? It is not a time to ignore ones body or how one is feeling. It is a time to feeling the body, to be in the body, feel the experiences. Every experience is transiting, it comes and it goes. As you feel how you feel, you will transmute it, release it. Suppressing your feelings, is like holding on to them and this can cause them grow and manifest in differently ways.

So ground yourself within yourself, in your body. Connect with the Earth. Feel your body as you stand on the Earth, touch the soil with your skin. Do this every day, and stay connected to your body and to the Earth. I always feel a real sense of peace within when I connect with the Earth and I feel my body and my being relax and feel more at ease as I connect with the Earth.

Breathe too is really valuable at this time. To breathe consciously, helps us to be in the body, to transmute and alchemise feelings and emotions, so we feel them and they pass of their own accord. So to connect to your breath, start to observe your breathe. This can be in the queue at the post office or sat quietly on a chair or walking in the park etc. Start to observe your breath, you don’t need to do anything to it. You don’t need to change it. You don’t need to breath in for a particular count or breath out for a particular count. Just breathe, and observe the breathe. Watch the breath as you breath in, and as you breath out. You can do this for 30 seconds, 60seconds, 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, the choice is yours. As you observe and watch your breath you come into your body, without doing anything other than observing your breath.

Being in our body helps us to feel safe, to feel more at ease, to feel free, to feel present. Being in our bodies eases and helps to release intense emotions, intense feelings. I encourage you to take some time every day, be it 5 minutes, 10minutes, 20 minutes, to consciously be in your body, to feel your body, to observe your breath and to connect with the earth, to help you move through these present times with more ease, more grace, more peace within.


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