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Trusting yourSelf.

Trusting yourSelf.

In a world that is full of expectations, fitting in and doing what is expected, to trust and act on your own is unique. It is not easy and can be challenging for you and also for those around you.

Who is she to step outside the box? Who is she to create her own space that has not been created before? What gives her the right? Where is she? She is expected to be here and she is not! As you take steps following you own truth, listening to that clear guiding voice inside you, you also start to hear the voices from those around you. Sometimes it is said out loud but much is not, much is nonverbal but you hear it, you feel the words, you feel the anger, the sadness, the jealousy, the unexpressed emotions. Do they stop to think how it is for you, to step outside the box, to be different, to act in a way in a situation that has not been done before? It can be scary in the doing, though you have faith. It can cause tremendous anxiety in the doing and be hugely challenging to change the instilled patterns of a life time. To feel the reverberation in those around you in response to your new different actions, to feel the reverberation within you of the shift and changes you are making within. It can be lonely too, as few will appreciate or connect with where you are and what you are doing. Few will appreciate that what you are doing is in your highest good and hence it is also in their highest good. To Know and take action from your truth is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others, though others may not always see it or appreciate it in the moment or even in this life time. Do it any way. Trusting yourself and acting from this Truth, deep within can be painful at times as you grieve the loss of letting go of something that still exists, has been in your life, all your life and now it is time to let it go. Let it go. Make the change. The courage is within you. It is a constant place of growth within each of us, to trust ourselves. Trust ourselves. Our greatest, bestest teacher, expert and guide is found within us, in the deep pool of stillness within us, that is where the Truth lies, the answer to all our questions, where we hear the Truth. The noise of the experts, opinions and advice on the outside is the outside! No one knows what it is to live in your skin, so how are they the experts of you? You are the expert for you. They are the experts for themselves and speak from what they know of themselves and their experience. Even here, you a lucky if they speak from their experiences as most don’t even speak from their experience, most speak from what they have learnt, which is what someone else wrote down and they are regurgitating. When one speaks from experience, it is felt, it is genuine, it has depth. It meets no expectation it is just how it was felt for that person. Listen, to learn, to appreciate, you don’t know what they are going through or have been through, you can only appreciate from your perspective, your beliefs and what you know of life through the life you have experienced. Too many, don’t even let you finish expressing yourself before they jump in with, what you should do or shouldn’t do or “Well what did you expect?” or “Well that is obvious.”. Where is the time, the space, the compassion to hear and listen to each other? We all need it, and we must be able to give it when we want to received it. Why do you want to spend time with someone, if you don’t want to experience their expression of themselves? What they say, how they behave, how they act, that is who they are. Is it that you just want them to be there because there always have been? Is it that you want to see them because it is expected of you? Is that you want them to be there because questions will be asked if they are not present? Do you want them to be present because they always have been? Do you really want to experience who they are? Don’t go, if you are just a figure that is expected to be there but not express yourself. You are more than an object and an expectation. You are a unique beautiful soul who is here on this earth to express the truth of who you are, so go ahead and do that. This is what will bring more joy into your life. This is your purpose. This is what the world needs. You are here to shine, show and be the beautiful colours that you are, unapologetically. Be the Truth of who you are today, tomorrow and the day after, that is your purpose that is why you are here. You being you, gives others permission to be themselves too. Be that light, that shows others that they to can shine their light. You shining your light ignites the courage and light in others to be the truth of who they are, to shine their light, to be fabulous. You are fabulous! There can be challenge, pain, intense emotion and there to can be a beautiful lightness of being thereafter and peacefulness within, a balance and place of real wellbeing, a tranquil space within, a sanctuary. Enjoy these times and these moments and allow them to grow within you like seeds you have planted and watered and tended to each day. Let the truth that is you, grow and flourish, nurture it everyday and it will grow just like a seed grows into a seedling and then a plant and then a tree bearing fruit. Be kind and patient, with yourselves, trust in the process, that is life. Every day enjoy yourself in some way, really enjoy yourself, be it reading a book, going for a walk, meditating, preparing a meal for yourself, going for a run, laughing, meeting a friend, enjoy yourself and the joy within you will grow. Water that seed of joy every day and it too will grow into a beautiful tree bearing much delicious fruit.

I send you courage, love and peace within, may your days be filled with you living your dreams out loud.

I am here with you.

With love and blessings,


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