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A Piece of Heaven

Sitting on the beach today after a lovely walk, feeling the sunshine on my back and then on my face, I feel so grateful and blessed and lucky to have landed here.

Moments like this are just heaven on Earth and remind me of the beauty that we life in.

Switch of the social media, the radio, the TV ( tell-a-lie-vision) etc, and insteadcfir the time you'd be watching or listen to a machine, go sit in nature.

Sit in nature and give Mother Earth the attention of your senses, be it a small park in the middle of a big city, be it by the sea, be it in a big park be it in your garden, be it in a forest, wherever you choose to be, just sit, close your eyes and listen for 10 minutes. Sit and focus on the sounds of nature around you, and as you listen to one you'll hear another and another and another.

Before you know it, you'll be experiencing your own Heaven on Earth 🥰🌎✨😌💕♥🥰

Love and faith


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