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Out of Balance

Are you feeling out of balance?

Are you feeling exhausted?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Are you so tired you are just crying at the slightest thing?

If you answered yes, my experience below may resonate as I would have answered yes to all the above a few days last week.

I have a pretty big project on the go at the moment, that I will share once completed, that is taking a lot of effort. Yesterday I met with, or rather hit a large obstacle. I hit the obstacle rather than meeting it, as I was travelling so fast the impact was intense. If I had been travelling slower the intensity on impact would have been less. I had a big fall out, I was really annoyed and frustrated. When the anger subsided, I just balled with tears and tears and tears.

I was also exhausted. I had over exerted myself for too long and now this obstacle was like the last straw. The tears were more from exhaustion than the obstacle as such. I sat with the tears the disappointment and allowed myself to feel how I was feeling. I did not try to change it. As I felt how I was feeling the emotions rose and passed.

Later that day, I reflected that it was a good opportunity to rest and balance myself. Bringing more balance to the various other priorities in my life, that had gotten put by the way side, rather than focusing and giving too much to just one priority, at the cost of others.

When I tuned in for guidance, I received, “Nothing is worth your peace. Nothing! You are your greatest priority.”

I sat with this. I realised that I had given more than I had to give, and that the tears of exhaustion and heaviness in my body were a physical affects I was experiencing of giving up my inner peace and balance, for over extending myself. I decided to take it as an opportunity to assess the situation, look at my priorities and my energy levels and to plan accordingly. I also realised I need to tap into being more discipline to make sure I keep things in my life in balance.

I share this with you, as it is easy to let something overtake at the expense of other things. At times this needs to happen, but more often than not it has an impact on ones life and as in my case, on my wellbeing. It is so important, especially at this time to keep oneself in balance, to do ones best to feel peace and in harmony with oneself. This is how we can manage and cope with the ups and downs of life in the best way we can, by making sure our self care, out innate wellbeing is our priority.

Life is a marathon and not a sprint and it is important to keep ones eye on the whole picture even when one is in a short term sprint, so as to make sure the recovery time after the sprint is not longer than it needs to be.

So I was not able to sleep until quite late last night, as thoughts and emotions were coming up and out, so I let them. I did some journalling which helped, and I fell asleep around midnight. I rose today feeling a new, fresh and energised with clarity of what I was going to focus on and catch up with today. I am half way through the day as I write this and I am feeling more inalignment with myself.

So if you are worn out, I invite you to rest, journal and reflect on what happened to assess where you are and where you’d like to be, then create a new plan and start taking new action.

If you would like some help, Intuitive Transformational Coaching and or Homeopathy, feel free to email me,, regarding what you need help with and I will let you know if I can help you.


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