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Super charged 2-22/2/22 energy portal!

Supercharged energy portal has opened on the 2nd February and will be open until the 22nd of February 2022. This is a rare gateway. It is a tine to set clear intentions and to expect rapid manifestation. It is a time of tremendous incoming light, huge!

So when there is huge amount of light coming in to raise frequency and vibrations of all. With so much light coming in you may have been feeling really happy, uplifted, content, good within. Alternatively or additionally you maybe have really old deep stuff coming up intensely for a short period of time, that you need to work through and as you do it passes.

This is what happened to me. I was thinking I am gong to feel so joyous and happy and I rose one day in the blackest depression, just out of the blue, no trigger I was aware of apart from being in this portal. The guidance that came to me was that I have the capacity to hold more light so this dark density, that is decades old that has been looked at and healed before, is ready to have the fag ends healed, so that I can hold more light.

To be honest I had 3-4 days of really challenging emotions and memories arising. As old memories and emotions arose it was an opportunity for me to support myself where I feel I had been unsupported in the past. I sat with my feelings, acknowledged the pain, letting the tears flow and letting my feelings be felt. There was no judgement, there was no rush to get over it or to be positive. I did my best to love myself, to be present with myself, to hold myself and take care of myself as I went through this. I let my younger self know that she is loved, that I see her and all she has experienced and I am here for her, and that I love her and always will.

It was not easy, it was messy it was not pretty, it was uncomfortable. Now the other side of it I feel lighter, something deep within has shifted. The way I think of myself, see myself and feel about myself, and others, has shifted. So it was worth it for me.

Some I have spoken to have been so happy and upbeat in this energy portal and were surprised with what I experienced. I wanted to share this with you, so that if you have not been been feeling great, you know that that is okay and that what you are experiencing is exactly what you need to for your evolution and growth at this time. So be kind to yourself and to others, as the energies only continue to ramp up.

If you need support please feel free to get in touch,


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